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Why I Left My Corporate Job to Work with Children

My best childhood memories did not come from home. They came from Cape May, New Jersey when I’d visit my grandparents at their beach home every summer. Every morning, my grandfather woke me up gently, told me I was beautiful, and then cooked me breakfast. I can still hear his pots and pans when he…
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How I Made My Dreams Come True

I grew up in Manila, Philippines as the third oldest of ten kids. When I was a teenager, every summer I used to get so angry at my dad. He made me and my brother Dante leave the city for weeks to go to the boondocks, an isolated place far away from my friends and…
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My Choice in the Waters of Death

I served in the Peace Corps stationed in Belize, Central America from 1989 to 1991. As part of my training, I traveled to Monterrico, Guatemala for a Spanish immersion program.  This is the place where I met death. My friend Jonno and I had just finished dinner and were walking along the beach. The rise and fall…
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Today May Very Well Be Your Perfect Day

Looking back, one of my strongest memories is my 38th birthday out at the farm. The whole family was there: my parents, my three kids and my siblings. We had just finished having birthday cake and I vividly remember thinking, "Remember this day." I urged myself not to forget the feeling I had. My kids were…
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