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Liza S. – Chicago, IL

"In the waters of death, I had a choice. Some people may think I gave up on life. I say I finally chose to let go and let God." Liza S - Chicago, IL Snippet from "My Choice in the Waters of Death" see full story
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Stacy H – Las Vegas, NV

"I know the pain of feeling unloved. I know what it feels like when there is no hope, those around you have failed you, and you have nobody to turn to. So when I have the opportunity to be with children, I make sure I show them the same love my grandfather freely gave to me.…
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Nelson P, M.D. – Maple Grove, Minnesota

"As a teenager, I began to dream about the kind of life I wanted to have. Every day, all day I fed my imagination. I dreamed of the thing that inspired me the most." - NELSON P, M.D. – Maple Grove, Minnesota Snippet from "How I Made My Dreams Come True" see full story
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