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Liz Allen – Minneapolis, MN

"Five months after my miscarriage, I had experienced my first panic attack, which eventually became the frightening reality of up to 20 panic attacks in a single day." Liz Allen - Minneapolis, MN Snippet from "My Drive to Peace" see full story Photo Credit: Jennifer Wheeler
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Christine Whitmarsh – Reno, NV

"Because I was under anesthesia for so long, I went into respiratory arrest. My lungs shut down and I stopped breathing, which led to my cardiac arrest. I died on the operating table for close to one minute." Christine Whitmarsh - Reno, NV Snippet from "My Fight for Life After My Near-Death Experience" Photo Credit: Annie Marie…
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J Brianna – Mound, MN

J Brianna in Cosplay as Mirai Kuriyama "I was one of the few foster kids who lived with Bob and Sue for close to two years. I felt very fortunate compared to the other foster children, who came and left within weeks. Their upbringings and home situations were far worse than mine." J Brianna - Mound, MN…
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