Mothers – A Source of Love, Compassion, Wisdom & Support

Happy Mother’s Day!

My mother is my hero. I’ve always said, “If I was only 10% of my mother, I would be an amazing person!” She is the most generous soul I have ever encountered, she has been a source of strength through the hills and valleys of my life, and the depth of her love has always inspired me. I will be featuring her story very soon on Real & Inspiring, in honor of her birthday this month.

I am grateful and proud to be the mother of my own five children, from 12 to 18 years old. Motherhood has been and continues to be the most humbling, satisfying, challenging, invigorating, and fulfilling experiences of my life. My heartfelt prayer is that I can become a better person and mother for my children so that they can continue to rely on me as a source of love, compassion, wisdom, and support, as my mother has been for me. My prayer is that my children can also become sources of love, compassion, wisdom and support for others.

Happy Mother’s Day to mothers all over the globe who have sacrificed so much!  Please enjoy some of my favorite quotes about motherhood. I'd love to hear how your mothers have influenced you in your life! Feel free to leave comments below to share with all to see.

Much love,

Alyce Renee
Founder, Real & Inspiring

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  1. My mother, Kim, just spent the entire weekend with us! It was amazing, and I think she's one of the people in my life that has taught me how to truly be present in the moment. Really experiencing activities and time spent with the people who I surround myself with. The whole weekend was filled with games, food, fellowship and more. I have no pictures to show for it to post on good ole Facebook, but I have a heart and mind full of memories!

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