If you’re in the midst of something now, remember it shall pass

I had a very good childhood. I grew up with a lot of love from my family, lots of cousins, and great memories. But when I went to high school, life took a turn.

Kids can be so cruel.

I hated school. Kids used to make fun of my weight and call me fat. The worst of the memories was the day I walked up to my locker only to find a drawing of a cow on it. I was mortified and humiliated.

When I told the school about it, they gave me cleaning supplies and told me to clean it off myself. I will never forget that feeling in my heart when I ran home crying that day.

From that day, I had over three additional years to make it through high school. My grades tanked and although I felt a lot of comfort and acceptance at home, I dreaded going to school each and every day. I didn't care about grades. At that time in my life, high school was my universe and it was hard to see beyond those four walls. I didn't know how I would make it to graduation.

When I got into nursing school, I became a straight A student.

Those high school memories affected me for years after that day and they still affect me some to this day. But looking back at those memories, they are a very small part of my life.

If you're in the midst of something now, remember it shall pass. These memories will be a very small part of your life in time. And for those of you still hanging on to painful childhood memories, don't let them affect you in your adult years the way I did.  Accept and love yourself for who you are...and start living free from those memories now.

Chris P - Minnesota

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  1. I loved your forum post.Thanks Again. Cool.

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