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Are You in Love With You?

About 16 years ago, I was ready to jump-start my life. I signed up for a weekend retreat offered by a world-class personal development company promising to help participants redefine what’s possible in relationships, work, families and communities. I had heard great things about the program and was ready for change. On the first day…
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Unforgettable Vegas Memory on the 4th of July

Imagine you’re in Las Vegas at one of the biggest casino-hotels, celebrating on the 4th of July. What comes to mind? Larger-than-life celebrations… partying… dancing… fireworks… you name it. Now imagine, you’re in charge of the safety and security of those people. I’ve worked in top security positions at various internationally-known Las Vegas hotel-casinos for…
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Christine Whitmarsh – Reno, NV

"Because I was under anesthesia for so long, I went into respiratory arrest. My lungs shut down and I stopped breathing, which led to my cardiac arrest. I died on the operating table for close to one minute." Christine Whitmarsh - Reno, NV Snippet from "My Fight for Life After My Near-Death Experience" Photo Credit: Annie Marie…
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My Fight for Life After My Near-Death Experience

“You could be the next Barbara Walters,” my mom told me growing up. It wasn’t long before I believed her. Writing since an early age and with sportswriters and poets already in the family, I lived my childhood with great certainty and confidence that I would naturally become a writer and journalist. I had a…
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